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Tribalmen committed not to hunt endangered species except Wild Pig

NINB, Hurhura, Bankura: “SikarUtsav” is considered a famous ritual for the tribal men, all over the country. This is an age old tradition since time immortal. In West Bengal, this is so common especially at Purulia and Bankura districts. ‘Nature Indian’ recently visited such a tribal village at Bankura district. The tribesmen confirmed that this not a ritual but occurs due to utter need. They informed that like civilized society they hardly have any scope for availing legal help from the court. They traditionally solve their problem in a ‘gramsava’. All complicated matters are brought together on an yearly basis at a ‘all village gathering’. A huge number of villagers from all areas participate there on that particular date. After the ‘meeting’ they go for hunting (for arranging food) and celebrate an occasion. They do not have financial capacity to purchase the food against money. After listing the fact, ‘Nature India’ convinced them with the present biodiversity conservation crisis and the relevant lays. ‘Nature Indian’ also advised them to ask the forest department to sponsor their fest, atleast by providing the food for that single day. The tribal men have accepted the proposal and agreed to convey that within their community gradually. They also committed that they will not kill any endangered species except the wild pig which is abundant in Nature and the species is not a scheduled animal.

Public Relation and Motivation are the only silver lining to overcome the biodiversity crisis -‘Nature Indian’ experienced once again.