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NATURE INDIA GROUP is the first ecological media house of India, working with wildlife and forest field since 1989. The group commenced with their research division, documentary film production division, newspaper publication division, e-news division and Socio-development division respectively.

The group firmly believes in naturism and sustainable development. Thus it respectfully acknowledges Mahatma Gandhi, who greatly deduced that “the world is enough for everyman’s need but not enough for everyman’s greed !” On the other hand, due to many socio-economic features of present era, the ecology has caught us by throat ! This is from our experience; we realize that the people should look into Mother Nature and her species first. Only then, they can love them and feel to conserve. We therefore in many ways, on the path to generate mass awareness along with the rulers that of the dangers become close to us ! NIG dreams to create a less destructive society, where the man and nature can live in harmony. WE must somehow leave a cleaner, better and safer environment for our progenies which is beyond questioning without saving the endangered wildlife and to conserve the biodiversity.

NIG has produced 25 documentary films on forest and wildlife, perhaps the highest number of works for a single house in India. The published periodicals, research papers, theme papers, observation reports and articles of NIG are numbered more than 600 so far. The Group has also commissioned several field projects like SEED (Support Enhancement for Eco-Development), ETIS (Eco-Tourism Initiatives for the Students), SAPNE (Students Awareness Program on Nature and Environment) and NASA (Notional Area of Scientific Aforestation). The newest effort of NIG is to introduce certificate courses on applied ecology and wildlife which is first of its kind in India -by NIIES (Nature Indian Institute of Ecological Sciences). ...visit In addition to that, NIG has launched the project, named SFWS (Social Support Scheme for the Fishing Women of Sundarbans -by RBRF, Rural Bengal Biospheric Research Foundation, an extended division to NIG, works at forest approaching villages). ...visit

The group is headed by the eminent naturalist Mr. Samik Gupta, member IUCN-CEC (International Union for Conservation of Nature –Commission on Education and Communication). He has dedicated more than 25 good years to work with Indian forest and wildlife. Samik is internationally called as the “wildlifer”. Although, the founder of Nature India Group says “now Nature India is a concept, where the founder becomes irrelevant !” ...visit this link to know more on Samik.

These endeavours of NIG is already set an example, worldwide. Hence, we convey our heartiest regard to our readers, viewers, clients, producers, sponsors, investors and other associates, without whom ‘Nature India’ couldn’t cross the long way to earn international goodwill and repute, as the group is having today. We respectfully invite the experts and likeminded people to join us and to disseminate their expertise in conserving our mother Nature. Our surveillance is everything around us. We cannot live in isolation. An urgent need has been felt to incorporate the dialogue between the "Nature Indians" and the common people. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to be an "Nature Indian".